Why Do We Need Seasonal Maintenance?

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Air conditioning manufacturers now require that you have your air conditioner maintained to keep your warranty valid. When you purchase a new HVAC system, you receive a warranty that covers certain HVAC repairs, replacement of major parts, guarantee of faulty equipment, etc. What you may not realize is that it's possible to void that warranty,

Home Insulation: Proper Maintenance Can Save You Money

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Home insulation is one of the cheapest components of home maintenance, yet has the largest potential for saving money over the course of the life of a building. Does your home have an attic space and/or garage? These areas in your house are usually the most insufficiently ventilated and this can have a major impact

Is Home Automation For Me?

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Is home automation for me and what can I automate? Home automation systems refer specifically to things in your home that can be programmed to run automatically. In the past, those were pretty basic - lamp timers, programmable thermostats, etc. but that's small potatoes thanks to the overabundance of smart home systems now aimed at

Want A Smarter Thermostat? Try EcoBee.

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There’s a new thermostat on the block and its name is EcoBee. To be honest, it’s not new. EcoBee has been around since 2007, right around the time that everything became “Smart”. However, EcoBee was pushed into a corner by both Nest and Honeywell Lyric. But we’re now in the era of the comeback. The