Did you know that the first domestic air conditioning unit was installed in 1914? While technology has certainly improved since then, the demand for high-quality, reliable air conditioning units has increased ten fold. With so many unit types on the market, it can be difficult to decide which option is best for your home. 

Here at Air Conditioning Inc., our team of professional HVAC technicians have the right resources for you. When you hire an AC installation professional, you can rest assured that all of your air conditioning needs will be handled correctly the first time, and that no long-term issues with your air conditioner will arise. However, before you set up an installation, let us help you figure out which unit will work best for you. 

Here are five different types of air conditioners for you to consider:

  1. Central Air Conditioners
  2. Ductless Air Conditioners
  3. Portable Air Conditioners
  4. Hybrid Units
  5. Evaporative HVAC Units

Central Air Conditioners

Most homes today have central air conditioners, which are by far the most common. Using a refrigerant, the outside unit draws in hot air and cools it. Through intricate ductworks and vents in the floor and wall, the air is then filtered and delivered to your home. 

While central air conditioning circulates air throughout your home, it is costly to run continuously and raises your energy bill during the summer. A certified HVAC technician will be needed to plan and install your unit, ensuring that the duct and unit sizing is right for your home.

Ductless Air Conditioners

If your home has been renovated, you may want to consider a mini-split air conditioner as an alternative to central air conditioning. Unlike a traditional system, a ductless system cools your home with a wall-mounted indoor unit. 

Among the advantages of ductless, mini-split systems is the ability to set the temperature for each individual room. Using an indoor handling unit, you can adjust your temperature room-by-room with a ductless, mini-split system so that you can adjust your home settings as the seasons change, temperatures vary, or based off of the differences preferred by your family members. 

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Portable Air Conditioners

Those who prefer something more powerful than a window unit, but cannot afford or use a central system, can opt for portable air conditioners. If it is not currently possible to replace an old central system, portable air conditioners can also be used to enhance your current lacking HVAC system. 

Air conditioning units that are portable are usually vented out the window, but some models can be vented through a wall or a drop ceiling. Many portable units have wheels, so they can be moved from room to room, making these extremely accessible for any of your specific home needs. 

Hybrid Units

To cool your home, hybrid air conditioning units utilize traditional energy as well as solar energy. There are various types of hybrid HVAC units, including floor and wall units, as well as standing units and ceiling units. 

Energy-efficient hybrid solar air conditioners can save you up to 30 percent on your electricity bills. They absorb thermal energy through inner coils and use it to continue cooling the room. If you are looking for a green investment, this might be a great choice for you. The hotter the weather, the better this system works.

Evaporative HVAC Units

Similar to window air conditioners, evaporative air conditioners are often referred to as swamp coolers. The technology within these evaporative units is so simple that it relies on using only air and water rather than a refrigerant. 

Through moisture pads, evaporative air conditioners draw hot air into the home that is then cooled and distributed throughout using a fan. In order for evaporative air conditioners to work well, a dry, hot climate is required. This model is not the best choice if your home or region already has high humidity levels.

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