Whole-House Generators

When your best-laid plans fall through, it’s always nice to have a backup.

Whole-house generators provide one of the most effective ways to back up your home power supply. When the power goes out in the Nashville area, your whole house generator automatically takes over.

Also known as a fixed standby generator, a whole-house generator can supply electricity to your home for up to 500 hours, nearly 21 days at a time. That means you’ll still have access to Wi-Fi, as well as your air conditioner, furnace, boiler, or heat pump.

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How Do Whole-House Generators Work? 

When duty calls, your generator converts natural gas to electricity. However, the outdoor unit spends most of its time set to standby, with occasional self-test runs.

When the power goes out, your generator automatically senses a disturbance in the electric current. When this happens, your automatic transfer switch (ATS) cuts off the connection to your utility, allowing your generator to take over.

Standby Generators Versus Portable Generators

A portable gasoline generator is just that—portable. These small energy sources are best suited for camping and outdoor parties. Instead, invest in a permanent power solution. Here’s why:

Your entire home is covered all year.

When an outage happens, a whole-house generator allows you to conduct business as usual at home. In contrast, portable can usually only power some of your appliances, depending on the wattage.

It lasts longer.

Whole house generators last 40 times as long as portables. Most portable units can only power your home in 12-hour stretches. When an extended power outage happens in Tennessee, you’ll be glad to have a whole-house solution.

It’s safe and automatic. 

With the ATS in place, you won’t need to lift a finger. You won’t need to pull a heavy piece of machinery from your garage. You’ll also avoid the shock risk that comes with manually hooking up a generator.

Whole-House Generator Installation

Our team of professionals makes the installation process smooth. Call to schedule your free in-home consultation today. We’ll provide a detailed plan and an accurate upfront quote.

If you need a concrete slab for the generator to sit on, it will need to be poured and dried before install day. Here’s how a typical installation goes:

  1. First, we’ll help you find the perfect power source to meet your home’s wattage needs.
  2. Your specialist will begin by hooking up the ATS.
  3. Finally, the team will move the generator into its proper place, attach the ATS to the generator, and the generator to a natural gas source. These systems also run on propane.

We offer warranties on all our installations—we want to be sure you’re satisfied.

Whole-House Generator Repair

If you run into issues with your fixed standby unit, we’re here to help. Your generator is an important asset—be sure you get it repaired right away.

A few common signs of a problem include:

  • Dead battery
  • Fuel leaks
  • Tripped breaker

Our team is adept at troubleshooting and fixing any issue you might have. We’ll always provide an accurate quote before servicing your home technology—we value open communication with our customers.

It’s hard to predict when a malfunction will happen. But when it does, we can be there to make it right.

We’re proud to offer 24/7 emergency service to customers like you.

Whole-House Generator Maintenance

Your generator is an important resource. It needs regular care to stay sharp and power your home at full capacity when you need it. Air Conditioning Service has a team of licensed experts who can perform seasonal maintenance on your investment, so you get the most out of it.

During a typical visit, your expert will do the following:

  • Monitor fluid levels
  • Inspect the air cleaner for debris and clean it
  • Replace spark plugs (every two years)

With our The Green Truck Association plans, you’ll stay on top of maintenance with appointment reminders, discounts, priority service, and more. Call to learn more about our tiers and rates.

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