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What Happens When You Call The Guys in the Green Trucks for Service at Your Home or Business?

When you give us a call, you are our number one priority. First, our dispatch will talk with you about your service problem, getting all the information necessary, such as your address and the time of day that’s convenient for you. Then, we start the ball rolling.

Our dispatch assigns your call to one of our highly skilled technicians with your work order and special instructions. Often times, the tech is still working on another call, however, we ensure that one of our techs will arrive at your location in a timely manner. Serious issues, part availability, and traffic and weather conditions all factor into scheduling. We like for our customers to be on site so that our technician can access all areas of the HVAC system and communicate with you as he assesses the issue and repairs it. However, we understand that you lead a busy life, and it’s not always feasible for you to stay during the appointment.

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What Happens When The Guys in the Green Trucks Arrive?

Immediately upon arriving, our HVAC technician performs the diagnosis, evaluates your problem, and advises you on the next steps. This is covered under the initial diagnosis fee as discussed with you when the work was scheduled. Some repairs may be simple: replacing a dirty filter, resetting a tripped breaker, or clearing a clogged drain. Others could be a bit more in depth, requiring that mechanical parts be replaced. Our technician will let you know if he needs to make repairs based on his inspections, and he will explain each problem and quote a price for repair before doing the work.

We will never force you to buy or replace any part of your heating or cooling system in order to “make a sale” or receive a commission. When you call us with air conditioning or heating trouble, you can be sure we won’t automatically try to talk you into a new unit. We care about our customers, which means we want what’s best for your family and your budget.

That being said, if a service repair becomes a problem of spending “good money after bad,”  then it becomes more cost effective to simply replace the unit so that you have new, energy-efficient equipment and the peace of mind that comes with a new warranty. Our service technician is prepared to discuss replacing your equipment if that’s the best decision. If you do decide to replace your HVAC system, then we bring in our HVAC installation advisors to consult with you about the next steps.

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When you call The Guys in the Green Trucks, you can be sure that taking care of your HVAC system is our number one priority. Call 615-83-GREEN (615-834-7336) for help with any indoor air quality checks, AC repairs, HVAC installations, air conditioning maintenance. Our technicians are ready to help you out.

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