Air Conditioning Maintenance in Hendersonville, TN 37075

“We just had our annual service visit, and I'm not sure I've ever had such an awkward and unprofessional service call experience. We've used ACS for several years, and prior to today everything has always been great—excellent techs, prompt service, reasonable pricing. We've recommended you to friends and family over the years for your reliability.

Today, my service tech, Mohammed, entered my home without knocking. I had to teach him how to use a Nest thermostat. I had to fetch him a ladder. I had to clean the air filters on our mini split for him. He was on his phone a significant portion of the time, and it seemed to be a call of a personal nature. When he was finished with the service of the units, he once again entered my home without knocking. He did not give me the total amount owned before requesting payment, and I had to ask if there were any issues or problems. He then asked me if I had a cold drink that he could take with him. I told him we only had canned Sprite that was cold. "You don't have bottled water?" he asked. I told him we do not and he said "Okay, no thanks then."

I felt uncomfortable in my own home and uncertain of the technician's knowledge. It was the least professional service I've ever received on any kind of home service. If we hadn't used your company for years, I would never use ACS again. As is, I will be very clear to make sure this particular tech is never assigned to us again.”

– Jennifer B.