Did you know that energy used in an average sized building is responsible for twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as the average car? If you’ve never cleaned the ducts in your commercial space before, then you could be creating a variety of costly problems for yourself and the environment. Regular duct cleaning promotes a healthy air conditioning system that runs smoothly and efficiently.

In order to properly heat and cool your commercial space, regular duct cleaning is necessary. When you hire a professional to handle your commercial duct cleaning needs, you can rest assured that your HVAC systems will last. Rather than tackle your commercial duct cleaning on your own, enlist the help of a professional to ensure your systems are handled properly and with care.

Here are some of the reasons your commercial space needs regular duct cleaning:

  • Impact Positive Environmental Change
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Prevent Bad Odors and Smells
  • Increase Air Flow
  • Improve Unit Efficiency

Impact Positive Environmental Change

As we said before, the energy emissions from your heating and cooling system can create a lot of environmental damage if not regularly maintained. This is especially true for larger commercial facilities. Uncleaned, dirty ducts can contain millions of tiny dust and dirt particles.

These can often even contain microplastics that can also harm the environment. Rather than let these particles travel through the air and create excess dust in your air and on your furniture, incorporating regular duct cleaning into your commercial space maintenance efforts will be important. With a decrease in energy usage from a more efficient HVAC system, your duct cleaning will be able to provide relief for your employees and the environment as a whole.

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Improve Air Quality

As discussed, regular commercial air duct maintenance removes dirty particles from your furniture and the environment. In addition, regular duct cleaning removes these pollutants from the air. As pieces of dust and dirt can fill the air and make it more difficult to breathe, people in your commercial space who suffer from asthma or allergies will be severely affected by unclean air.

In order to improve the air quality within your facility, incorporating regular duct cleaning can play a positive role in your heating and cooling maintenance needs. Unfiltered air can create coughing fits and other serious reactions. To prevent any such event from occuring on your commercial property, be sure to make use of regular duct cleaning services.

Prevent Bad Odors and Smells

Regular air duct cleaning in your commercial space can also remove various odors or bad smells. In some cases, your ducts may be filled with mold or mildew that not only filter these particles into the air, but can create funky smells in your office space as well. In order to avoid negative lingering odors within your commercial building, regular air duct cleaning can mitigate these issues.

Increase Air Flow

Another consequence to an unkept HVAC unit duct is poor air flow and quality. While the physical existence of mold is enough to limit airflow, the purpose of an air duct is to increase ventilation within your facility. With that in mind, poor air quality and ventilation is not a healthy office environment. Be sure to regularly clean your HVAC air ducts to enjoy a refreshing flow of quality air through your facilities.

Improve Unit Efficiency

If you have a heating and cooling system already in place in your commercial space, then you will likely want to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your units. An unkempt, and unclean air duct will cause strain on your entire HVAC system. This can lead to poor air flow, broken HVAC parts and much more. In order to benefit the air of your employees, cut down on energy usage, and to ensure the efficiency of your units, regular duct cleaning is important.

When air can travel freely through your unit ducts, your heating and cooling system will be able to control the temperature in your building much more easily. Rather than run the risk of a broken HVAC unit, costing you money you might not have, be sure to incorporate regular maintenance on your ducts and units.

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