Signs You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner

Here are some signs you should replace your air conditioner:

  1. Frequent Breakdowns
  2. Your System is Blowing Warm Air
  3. The AC Thermostat is Not Working
  4. Rising Electric Bills
  5. The Unit is Making Strange Noises

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Frequent Breakdowns

If your air conditioning unit is having constant breakdowns, repairs and maintenance costs can quickly add up. However, if you have a unit that is less than five years old, the manufacturer’s warranty may be able to cover a portion of the costs. Most units are built to last about 10 years so if your unit is older, it may be best to replace it. This way, you’ll have a more efficient system that will save you money on maintenance and your energy bill. You’ll also save yourself any unnecessary headaches from dealing with emergency repairs in the middle of the summer or in the dead of winter.

Your System is Blowing Warm Air

When you put your hand up to the air vents in your home, are you feeling cool or warm air? If you’re feeling warm air, that’s a clear indication that something’s wrong with your AC unit. This often happens if the refrigerant – a chemical responsible for absorbing heat and proving cool air – is running low. However, if there are substantial leaks within your system, it may be best to replace the unit than deal with pricey, ongoing repairs.

The AC Thermostat is Not Working

Your thermostat communicates with your air conditioner to determine the temperature inside of your home. If it’s not working properly, the temperature that your thermostat is set to, won’t watch the temperature inside. It can also cause the temperature to increase by one or two degrees every few hours as it won’t be able to maintain the temperature and properly remove hot air. If your AC unit is shutting itself off or won’t run at all, that’s another sign of a larger problem. As your thermostat has intricate electrical components, it’s best to call a professional to determine if it can be repaired or if it’s best to replace your unit.

Rising Electric Bills

According to a report by Energy Star, the annual energy bill for a typical single-family home is $2,060. Of this amount, 29% of the cost is from heating and 13% is from cooling. The older your unit is, the less efficient it is. If you see your electric bills steadily increasing from month to month even though you’re still using the same AC settings, it may be from your AC unit needing to use more energy to work at the same level. This can happen due to a variety of factors like clogged filters, dirty coils, and wear and tear on the motors. An HVAC professional will be able to diagnose your system and determine if it needs replacing.

The Unit is Making Strange Noises

Has your AC unit begun making strange noises like clicking, banking, or buzzing sounds? If it’s clicking, that’s likely from an electrical problem. Banging sounds are from a part of your unit that is loose or broken and moving around inside of your unit. If it’s buzzing, that can be from a variety of problems like a loose fan blade, broken blowers, or motor failure.

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