As so much energy within your home goes towards your HVAC system, utilizing a professional for your HVAC repairs and general maintenance will save you a lot of time and money down the road. Any mistakes made during a DIY or unprofessional installation, or repair could cost you hundreds of dollars and damage the integrity of your home health.
When you hire an AC installation professional, you can rest assured that all of your air conditioning needs will be handled correctly the first time, and that no long-term issues with your air conditioner will arise.

Here’s some of the benefits to an HVAC professional:

  • Professional Techniques & Safety Guidelines
  • Regular Maintenance: MAX Maintenance
    • Maintenance & Repair Services with Air Conditioning Inc.
  • Air Conditioning Service Inc. Can Help You Automate Your HVAC System

Professional Techniques & Safety Guidelines

An air conditioning maintenance and repairs performed by a professional has the obvious advantage of being done correctly the first time. If your residential or commercial HVAC unit is installed incorrectly or improperly from the get-go, you could end up using excessive amounts of energy.

As a result, you’ll likely have to spend more on costly repairs. Instead, opt for professional installation that incorporates regular, professional maintenance and repairs. Inadequate or DIY repairs may lead to numerous problems and wasted energy.

Additionally, if more problems are created and go unseen, those extra costs can quickly mount up. Moreover, you could suffer poor indoor air quality in the long run due to undetected damage from substandard maintenance and repairs.

With that in mind, safety standards are specific to each varying type of air conditioning unit. Depending on whether your unit runs on gas or electricity, these standards may differ. With an HVAC professional, any local laws and regulations will also be followed during your installation as well as during any follow up repair services.

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Regular Maintenance: MAX Maintenance

HVAC Repair and Maintenance for both residential and commercial customers. We strongly believe in the importance of regularly scheduled and consistently performed HVAC repair and maintenance. In fact, we almost insist that our customers have us provide Max Maintenance for their heating and cooling systems that we service and install because we know the value our customers get from properly taking care of their investment.

Heating and air conditioning involve complex mechanical equipment. Manufacturers like Carrier for example put a lot of research and lab testing into the design of their products so that the result is equipment designed to operate for a certain period, a number of years, at a target Btuh output and efficiency rating.

Maintenance plays a key role in the performance of HVAC equipment. A neglected unit can cost 10% to 25% in energy savings loss as well as premature replacement. Larger mechanical components such as the compressor and the condenser and evaporator coils operate over the service life depending on how well the system as a whole is maintained. HVAC Repair & Maintenance ensures that equipment stays in like-new from-the-factory condition and runs at designed efficiency.

Maintenance & Repair Services with Air Conditioning Inc.

Below are just a few of the various HVAC services our technicians offer:

Thermostat Services
• Check terminal connections
• Clean bi-metal. Inspect mercury switch.
• Check thermostat level
• Check programming for correct day and time

Blower Compartment Services
• Check blower motor amperage
• Check all wiring connections
• Check and lubricate blower wheel bearings
• Check & lightly clean blower & compartment
• Change filters
• Clean economizer filter

Cooling Services
• Check all electrical connections
• Check compressor contractor
• Check temp drop across coils
• Clean condenser coils
• Check fan blades secure and in balance
• Basic overall observation of equipment and age of unit, general overview of ductwork.
• Always clear condensate drains!

Heating Services
• Check all electrical wiring
• Check & clean burners for lint, dust, and rust
• Check for cracks in heat exchanger
• Check pilot assembly/electronic spark ignition control
• Check manifold gas pressure
• Check temperature rise
• Remove and clean flame sensor
• Check blower motor – bearings, play, wheel clean, take out and clean if necessary

Air Conditioning Service Inc. Can Help You Automate Your HVAC System

At Air Conditioning Service Inc., providing our customers with true expertise is one of our top priorities. That means excellent customer care along with a proper diagnosis. When you call us, we make sure your home HVAC system is running smoothly and efficiently all year long. We want to know all the details and special instructions about what you need, so that we can fully service your problem.

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