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Home insulation is one of the cheapest components of home maintenance, yet has the largest potential for saving money over the course of the life of a building.

Does your home have an attic space and/or garage? These areas in your house are usually the most insufficiently ventilated and this can have a major impact on the rest of your home. Without attic insulation and ventilation, you can lose conditioned air quickly, making your home more difficult and more expensive to keep comfortable. Garage door insulation is another good trick to keep your home stable throughout the seasons.House_Heatloss

A good, quick way to check if you need insulation is to look across your attic floor. If the existing insulation comes up just to the tops of the joists, then you probably need to add foam insulation. If you can’t see the joists and the insulation is well above the tops of the joists, you’re probably okay.

Blown in insulation is great at filling the gaps and giving you a good, complete layer of foam insulation. The technician, taking his best firefighter pose, holds a large hose and blows the insulation into the attic. A large machine outside churns the chunks and uses air to blow them up through the hose.

The long-term payoff is notable as well. By using spray foam insulation, you could see your energy bills go down by as much as 15% to 25% depending on your climate and existing levels of insulation.