As the air outside gets colder, you’ll quickly find yourself spending more and more time in the comfort of your home. But is your system ready to handle the temperature change? It’s important to take care of your HVAC system in order to keep your heat working efficiently and keep your family safe by preventing any serious (and often costly) issues.

Here are some ways you can care for your HVAC System:

  1. Do a Test Run
  2. Replace Air Filters
  3. Maintain Ductwork and Insulation
  4. Reprogram Your Thermostat
  5. Have a Professional Look at Your System

Do a Test Run

Whether you’re heating your home for the first time or it’s been a long time since you’ve last turned your heater on, it’s important to get a checkup before you depend on it in the winter. When you turn the unit on, listen for any strange noises or smells, and alert a professional technician if you notice any irregularities.

Replace Air Filters

It’s recommended that you change your air filter every three months. If you live in a very dusty climate, have multiple pets, or are prone to allergies, it’s recommended that you change your air filter every two months to keep the air clean. Along with helping your system run more efficiently, it can lessen a variety of allergy symptoms you or other family members may face like sneezing, eye irritation, or dizziness.

Maintain Ductwork and Insulation

Making sure that there are no leaks in your duct work and that you have ample insulation will allow your HVAC to perform to max efficiency. A simple inspection will reveal if there are any issues with ducts or seals, which can lead to significant problems in the long run if not fixed soon. Some signs that your air ducts need to be repaired include dust and dirt around the air vents, uneven temperatures throughout your home, and poor air flow.

Reprogram Your Thermostat

If it’s too hot or cold in one area of your home, reprogram your thermostat settings before turning on any air conditioner units or furnaces. You can turn the temperature dial on your HVAC system to a higher setting. Alternatively, if you have a programmable model, you can set it to raise or lower the temperature settings for different times of day based on your needs.

Have a Professional Look at Your System

The best way to prepare your HVAC for the winter season is by scheduling a professional maintenance checkup with a certified technician. To keep your unit in best condition, it’s necessary to have it changed during cooling and heating seasons each year.

During this visit, the technician conducts a thorough inspection of the heating system and will make any necessary adjustments to ensure safe combustion and venting of the products inside the unit. At the end of it all, you will get an HVAC unit with improved energy efficiency and high performance.

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